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0002248VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2015-08-31 11:322016-11-11 08:26
Microsoft WindowsWindows 7Home Premium x64
0002248: Client crashes on very complex map on first AI turn
When playing "The empire of the world II" map, then game client crashes on first turn (null pointer access attempt).
Start the map attached to this report and pass a turn.
The map tends to crash after few hundreds of turns for some players in original H3 as well, because of its complexity, but there should be no crash on first turn. Looks like AI can not handle situation on map well (no taverns in towns, etc). I attach map, saved game (1st day of the map) and crash logs to the report.
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related to 0002225closed Warmonger Have crash in 1 day after end turn 
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Fixed in 0.98d, probably duplicate of 0002225.