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0002246VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2015-08-30 23:282016-02-14 13:40
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0002246: Unpassable wall tile during siege
There is a tile that belongs to wall, and should be able to be accessed by units after the wall is destroyed. After catapult destroys the wall I am still unable to move any unit there. The specific place is shown on provided screenshot (screenshot is done in original H3 but location stays the same).
Tested on "Tower" and "Castle" types of towns.
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related to 0001065assigned Dydzio H3-VCMI discrepancies regarding wall/turret sections which can be targeted (and related errors) 
png unpassable.png (126,390) 2015-08-30 23:28
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2016-02-13 15:54   
Problem: in H3 second destructible wall is on hex 62 and not 78.
So we just had wrong wall position in code and it's fixed in this PR: [^]