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0002239VCMISound, music, videospublic2015-08-30 18:352015-11-28 23:08
Microsoft WindowsWindows 7Home Premium x64
0002239: Game display isn't stretched after minimizing and maximizing in fullscreen mode
When I press alt+tab on Windows 7, and then restore the game, the game screen is centered and not stretched, what results in black pixels on left and right sides of my screen. Issue can be fixed by switching to window mode, and then back to full screen.
Minimize game, and then maximize.
Seems to be broken since VCMI 0.97c (SDL2 issue?)
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2015-11-28 23:08   
This one really annoying. Happen because we use SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize, but when window restored after alt+tab some of window state is missing.

Fixed there: [^]

I'm tried to make proper fix, but then video player become partially borked and only covered small portion of screen. So I just end up applying simple hack there as I don't really want to touch video playback code.