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0002210: Enchanters don't cast spells
Enchanters (those blue super-wizards) don't cast mass spells (well, any spells) during battle. They are supposed to do it on their own.
Start a battle using Dragon Slayer campaign, wait for enchanters' turn and see them do nothing. The main hero can upgrade wizards to enchanters using his ability.
I'm using the latest git tree), says version 0.98c. You can try using attached saves.
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2015-06-12 01:25   
Use, not the other file I attached by mistake.
2015-06-12 01:56   
correction. They do cast spells - for example they cast weakness on air elementals. I suspect they didn't cast in my first battle because I was against earth elementals and whatever they were trying to cast didn't work on them... Just guessing. I think in that case they should've cast something good on my own troops, but they never did in the first battle.
2015-06-12 03:42   
I guess you can remove this ticket - it only didn't work with the earth elementals... Worked on every battle since.
2015-06-12 06:00   
I still believe that Enchanters still should try to cast any spell if it's possible.
2015-06-21 17:35   
(edited on: 2015-06-21 17:37)
But they do not. There is a TODO note about that (CGameHandler.cpp:4221)

2015-06-21 18:31   
Should be fixed in [^]