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0002194VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2015-05-10 10:492024-01-30 19:17
GNU/LinuxLinux Mint17 Quiana 64bit
0002194: 800x600 screen overlaps 1366x768 screen after forced to desktop during fullscreen play
If I'm forced to desktop when I'm playing in fullscreen mode, when I return to the game the screen is now at 800x600 and it's overlaping previous shown image.
This happens for example if change desktop with keyboard in a multidesktop environment or if an application forces me to return desktop. If I click a telegram notification to close it, this happens too. Probably, same thing will happen if jDownloader ask for CAPTCHA writing or if you click in some notification pop-up of any application.
XFCE desktop
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png double screen.png (2,245,361) 2015-05-10 10:49
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Linux users needed. How are things going with this now?