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0002189VCMIOtherpublic2015-05-02 21:352018-04-13 14:28
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0002189: please consider adding /usr/share/games/vcmi as a data lookup path
Vcmi stores static game data in /usr/share/vcmi which is totally correct from an XDG point of view. But the FHS (filesystem hierarchy standard) specifies /usr/share/games as the base directory for static game data. So it would be great if vcmi could add /usr/share/games/vcmi as an additional directory to look for game data after having looked in /usr/share/vcmi. That way, Debian could store static game data in /usr/share/games/vcmi without deviating from vcmi upstream in its lookup path. This would be convenient for Debian as most other games in Debian store their static game data in /usr/share/games as well because of the FHS.
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related to 0002190assigned SXX please consider storing vcmi static data in /usr/share/games/vcmi by default 
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2017-08-25 06:06   
I just added /usr/share/games/vcmi lookup dir here: [^]

Please report back if it's work as intended!
2018-04-13 13:31   
I cannot confirm that it works.

I just built latest git HEAD and I see that lib/VCMIDirs.cpp adds:

ret.push_back(bfs::path("/usr/share/games") / "vcmi");

And I have my data in /usr/share/games/vcmi but when I start vcmi I get:

Error: Heroes III data was not found!
2018-04-13 14:13   
It's won't work if you run it from "bin" in build directory.

I intentionally made VCMI ignore all system-wide data when both binaries and "config", "Mods" directories are together. This way I can be sure that game installed from repository is not interfere with development.

See "IVCMIDirsUNIX::developmentMode".
2018-04-13 14:27   
That makes lots of sense.

But then I don't see why your commit shouldn't work and I guess you can close this bug report. :)