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0002163VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2015-04-04 03:122022-04-12 11:18
0002163: Multiplayer: freeze if 1st player end turn after PVP battle before 2nd player closed battle result screen
Of course only interface on 2nd player will be frozen. This happen because battle result screen lock UI for both players, but once 2nd player get turn client change it to adventure map while UI remain locked.
  - Start game over network.
  - On turn of 1st player initiate battle between two real players.
  - Finish the battle so result screen appear to both players.
  - Now exit result screen for 1st player and end turn.
  - 2nd player UI will be frozen.
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duplicate of 0001897closed SXX Game hangs after AI captures town from player in battle 
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Fixed together with 0001897