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0002129VCMIRandom Map Generatorpublic2015-03-12 08:152016-01-08 20:58
0002129: Seer Huts RMG Bugs
Mostly note to self, unless somebody has an idea for solution.

There are multiple issues known:
- Since Seer Huts were added, many different crashes may happen at random map generation

- Not all of quest artifacts seem to spawn, on the other hand it's possible to spawn artifacts which were never allowed for the map (and not needed for quest)

- Seer Huts are often offset by 1 tile to the left. This is caused by unusual template (rightmost row is empty) and may possibly be root cause of other issues. Debugger shows hat not all of Seer Huts rolled are actually spawned on a map.

- Game crashes at exit from random map that contains Seer Huts. Possible issues with dangling pointers?
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png SeerHutsRMG.png (1,033,125) 2015-03-12 08:16

png SeerHut Template 1.png (193,336) 2015-03-12 08:17

png SeerHut Template 2.png (206,273) 2015-03-12 08:17
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2016-01-08 20:58   
Seer Hut issues seem to be resolved in [^] In case of minor bugs open another report.