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0000211VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2009-11-06 23:172009-11-21 13:12
0000211: Info windows containing army info should shift creatures to the left to cover up empty army slots.
This applies to town/garrison and hero info windows.
Comparison between H3 and VCMI: [^]
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IMHO current solution is better as gives more info about army, but it's up to you.
2009-11-07 13:14   
(edited on: 2009-11-07 13:28)
I tend to agree with Warmonger. The way it is now in VCMI, the Info window also tells us in which slot we have our creatures.

It wouldn't make a difference in the original H3. But if somebody would like to make a mod one day to bind the creature to that slot also on the battlefield, it would be of some use. I always thought that the "Disabled Tactics Formation" button in the Hero Screen is quite useless, and should be used for binding creature slots instead (not often, but it's sometimes annoying that we are limited to the symmetrical loose & tight formations only).