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0002107VCMIRandom Map Generatorpublic2015-02-22 02:582016-11-11 08:26
0002107: Start position for player-chosen colors may be not available: lose on startup
In H3 humans players able to choose any colors they like and RMG will always create starting position for them. Though it's looks like in VCMI RMG currently choose colors linearly and if there two players in game they have to be red and blue otherwise one of them will lose on startup.
  - Create new game.
  - Choose random map settings.
  - Set your color to teal or pink.
  - Start the game and almost always you'll lose and client going to crash.
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2015-09-29 13:31   
This shouldn't be an issue in 0.98c, is it?
2015-09-29 14:40   
(edited on: 2015-09-29 15:09)
It's not fixed. If you set number of players to "random" then all colors will be available to choose from, but game will only generate starting position for N first colors (that of course will be AI and not your choosen pink).

Currently this don't cause crash or end game event, but instead just run game with AI only while player interface won't be loaded.