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0002057VCMIGUI - PreGamepublic2015-02-08 10:302015-10-15 02:38
0002057: Scrolling of custom campaign list mess up it
Likely when list scrolled new text is rendered on top of old one that's not being removed. Though once you click on any entry old text being cleaned up.

There also two other improvements that screen need:
 - Campaign title max lenght need to be enforced.
 - Description may go a bit upper and there no reason to enable scroll as there tons of free space.
Anyway two of these don't break this page while main issue is annoying.
  - Put enough H3C's into Maps directory so scrolling works.
  - Go into New Game -> Campaign -> Custom
  - Try to scroll list using buttons or mouse wheel
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related to 0002101closed SXX Multiplayer chat does not work 
png screen.png (1,327,240) 2015-02-08 10:30
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2015-03-13 14:51   
So I met similar problem with multiplayer mode chatbox so decide to investigate this. Looks like problem occur because in "SelectionTab::SelectionTab" background is set to nullptr and comment says background from parent would be used.

Though it's looks like this only cause glitch to appear possible because when campaign list redrawn occur background isn't redrawn too.
2015-03-13 15:48   
Fixed in git: [^]