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0002034: monsters join without diplomacy
I do not know for sure whether or not this is a bug, perhaps these settings in a template. But there is usually a never join if you do not diplomacy. Join only those creatures that have appeared on the map as a consequence of the monster of the week. Pegasus, harpies, imps and so on. But not the ones that created the generator itself
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Then come back when you are sure. There are many resources about game mechanics, especially Strategija. Certainly monsters can join without diplomacy.
I'm not sure what monster settings are used on random maps, though.
2015-01-10 08:43   
I played about 300 games online on random maps. And I have never seen monsters to join without diplomacy.
Except those announcing month monster. Gogi, Pegasus, harpies, gremlins, and so on.
All because they were seen as "hostile" monsters.

160% difficult
2015-01-10 09:29   
Editor shows all monsters are generated with 'Hostile' character.

Fixed in [^]