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0002002VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2014-12-24 22:522015-01-02 04:52
0002002: Altar of Sacrifice: it's possible to put unlimited number of artifacts on one slot
At moment you can drag and drop any number of artifacts on same slot of Alter of Sacrifice, but only one of them will be sacrificed when you click on button and others will just reappear in backpack.
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related to 0000558assigned Chocimier Altar of Sacrifice: Mechanics + GUI issues 
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2014-12-25 22:58   
So I fixed it internally by just choosing different slot for such artifacts.

Though in H3 behaviour is different: if you put artifact on used slot then you put artifact your holding and pick artifact that currently here. Not really sure if I'd really go to add this currently so possible will add it as dedicated issue.
2014-12-26 11:35   
Fixed in git: [^]