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0001993VCMIGUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowpublic2014-12-22 11:062015-02-15 04:41
0001993: After picking artefact click on certain areas of hero / exchange screen cause crash
This affect both hero screen and exchange window, but crash only occur on click when you try to "put" articact into certain area.
  - Run some map where hero have at least one artifact.
  - Open Hero screen.
  - Pick artifact.
  - Now click around in windo to "put" it. E.g for me crash occur when I click on empty army slot.
Tested on git da76a2f227ee5b7925a3e34d4b3571cbf44ff9e7.
Unfortunately not able to test it in stable 0.97 on Windows at moment.

In case it's related to coordinates I'm playing at 1920x1080 in windowed mode.
Only high-res menu and VCMI essential files are active.
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txt backtrace.txt (921) 2014-12-22 11:06
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2015-01-25 07:16   
This one is fixed by Fay here: [^] [^]

Tested it and confirm that problem solved.