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0001976VCMIGUI - PreGamepublic2014-11-24 08:592023-07-08 21:20
0001976: Mouse wheel event affect all forms with scrollbar
Affect map select / game load where list and map description have scrollbar. Likely affect chat in multiplayer, but it's looks like broken so can't test it now.

Right behaviour would be if only hovered form would accept mouse wheel input.
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2014-11-24 13:47   
Do you mean wheel should choose a (sub)window that is hovered? Then what to do if there is only one scrollbar on the screen, but it's not part of currently hovered window?
2014-11-24 14:01   
Unfortunately I'm just don't know how exactly internal window management work in VCMI so I not sure what you mean as "sub window", but as far as I see in code every label and "slider" have "hovered" state so can't be this used?

I'm not sure how this should work with only one scrollbar. Suppose most of players still move cursor over object (e.g list, text) they want to scroll anyway, but obviously there no reason to limit area if only one scroll bar active.
2023-07-08 21:20   
Fixed in 1.3