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0001951VCMIGUI - Town screenpublic2014-11-16 08:402022-12-17 14:05
0001951: It is possible to select both hero and creature portrait simultaneously in town screen
It is possible to select both hero and creature portrait simultaneously in town screen. As first one, select hero portrait, and then select any creature portrait.
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2014-12-23 04:59   
Not even sure it's can be count as "bug".
More like nice and small feature.

Is there any weird behaviour that might occur because of that?
2014-12-23 16:07   
No, it doesn't affect the gameplay, but I think it's confusing a little. For example, firstly clicking at creature and then at hero would move selection border from creature to hero, so there is visible only one selection border. Actually when you click at hero first, and then at creature, you'll have two selection borders.
2014-12-23 21:26   
Yeah I agree it's might be misleading for those who used to H3 behavior, but ability of manipulation with both hero and creatures in same time doesn't looks like a bad thing at least for me.

Though devs might have different opinion so it's just my 2c.
Just want to be sure there is no some bigger bugs behind it.