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0001947VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2014-11-11 15:452016-11-11 08:26
Tablet ASUS TF201Android4.1.1.
0001947: Dimension Door buff in battle
After moving hero with Dimension Door spell next to enemy hero and then attacking the enemy the battle will start with Dimension Door buff to all your units (if have Magic Wind spell on master level). See the screenshot for reference (it says "Dimension door, lasts: 0 turns"). Even if you move hero normally in each battle buff will be provided.

After next turn, if you didn't use Dimension Door spell buff will not appear.
Use Dimension Door spell on adventure map and move with it your hero, then fight with enemy and you'll start with Dimension Door buff provided to your unit(s).
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child of 0002290acknowledged AVS Information about timed adventure map spells displayed on stacks in battle. 
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This issue comes from excessive use of Bonus System to store DD cast count.
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