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0001897VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2014-09-23 17:192022-04-12 11:18
Win XP sp2
0001897: Game hangs after AI captures town from player in battle
probably occurred due to the fact that I fought back from a random city

it was [^]

Summary edited, was "After the battle, the game is blocked"
end turn, AI atack on castle kill my unit and game freeze
конец хода, ИИ нападает на город, убивает моего юнита сидящего в нем и игра фризится.
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has duplicate 0002163closed SXX Multiplayer: freeze if 1st player end turn after PVP battle before 2nd player closed battle result screen 
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? Arrogance5.h3m (12,197) 2014-09-23 17:19
txt VCMI_Client_log.txt (676,338) 2014-09-23 17:19
txt VCMI_Server_log.txt (442,749) 2014-09-23 17:20
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2014-11-20 12:22   
Now (0.97), this is hero just not attacks :D

2016-11-03 08:47   
0.99 still reproducibility
2017-01-28 21:21   
I can confirm this bug with 0.99

If you change to quick combat before ending turn the AI will take castle and the game will not freeze. So at least there is a way to continue game.
2017-02-01 15:08   
I also noticed that you can press alt + f4 and then press cancel to "unfreeze".
2017-03-18 18:37   
Result of little research: CPlayerInterface::playerStartsTurn gets called during battle result screen, and following code from that method brutally deletes result window:

while (GH.listInt.front() != adventureInt && !dynamic_cast<CInfoWindow*>(GH.listInt.front()))

After adding "&& !dynamic_cast<CBattleResultWindow*>(GH.listInt.front())" to above "while" loop and properly closing battle result window deadlock is solved. This is most likely not proper fix and it looks like CPlayerInterface::playerStartsTurn is not designed to be called during something else than adventure screen. End turn of blue player seems to be undesired in this case. Further investigation is needed.
2017-03-18 22:29   
0002163 likely caused by same problem.
2017-03-19 02:25   
This is now fixed: [^]

Thanks to @dydzio to pointing out and testing.