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0001893VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2014-09-19 15:122023-04-12 23:26
0001893: Fog of War flashes revealing adventure map for milliseconds while moving
Pretty sure there is an easy fix for this bug, but I can't figure it out. Any help?

Offtopic: Sorry to ask it here but is there a way to make AI turn a little faster? I understand this issue is directly related to the device used and mine is not the best in terms of performance (ritmix rmd-1030)
but it takes at least 2 minutes for 3 AI at the start of the game, which is pretty much unplayable :(
Start the game, move to fog of war.
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2014-09-23 16:34   
Not reproducible on PC so I guess this one is Android-specific. So fixing it won't be easy.

My guess is that this has something to do with screen redraw - Android updates screen while VCMI is in the middle of update (before FoW is rendered).

Unless there would be suggestions on how to fix it/steps to reproduce on our side it'll have to wait for OpenGL transition. And that won't happen soon unfortunately.
2022-03-16 12:48   
Does the issue reproduce on the latest build? [^]
2023-04-12 23:26   
Fixed in 1.2