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0001883VCMIOtherpublic2014-08-24 19:062014-08-31 16:28
0001883: could you GPG sign vcmi releases?
Would it be possible to sign source releases or release tags in the svn and/or git repository with a GPG key? It would then be possible to verify that the downloaded code is indeed the intended one by the developers and has not been tempered with.
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2014-08-31 16:20   
Possible although don't see much use from it. Will try to do this starting from next release (assuming that I won't forget about it)
2014-08-31 16:28   
Thank you for your consideration!

If you do end up signing your releases, then please put the detached signature in an easily discoverable path. For example if the tarball is at: [^]

then the ASCII armored detached signature could be put at: [^]