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0001859VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2014-07-25 04:052016-11-11 08:22
PCWindows 7SP1
0001859: Crash when rendering "unknown pattern" in undergroud
This can happen in RMG underground level. Quite often "unknown pattern" is created and game crashes when we try to view it on screen. Sometimes game may crash instantly if our starting area is near incorrect pattern.

I don't know how to generate correct patterns randomly or what these patterns are, so it would be easier just to avoid crash at rendering.
Generate some maps with underground and view it with vcmieagles until you find it.
Example log:

05:55:20 WARN global [e00] - No pattern detected at pos '97 6 1'.
05:55:21 WARN global [e00] - No pattern detected at pos '123 17 1'.
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