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0001821VCMIGUI - Hero screen / Exchange windowpublic2014-07-01 15:132016-01-23 06:21
0001821: Improper name of assembled artifact empty slots
Assembling artifact leads to create a new artifact in one slot and marks other slots as empty, while in VCMI descriptions of that empty slots remains the same. If You have more than one assembled artifact then descriptions of that last one empty slots remains the same, but empty slots of other assembled artifacts are described properly. Check please included screenshot. VCMI 0.95d.
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related to 0001799resolved vmarkovtsev Hero's stats are not updated properly when he/she picks up an artifact 
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2014-07-01 15:15   
Maybe it would be better if I would include a map or a save?
2014-12-24 20:06   
Also just want to clarify that at least in 0.97 problem related to lack of some info update after artifacts assembly/disassembly. If you reload hero screen all artifacts slots get proper names.

In fact behaviour of VCMI and H3 is little bit different: in H3 all additional slots used by artifact have "empty" caption, but in VCMI it's display part of artifact that using this exact slot. Though this doesn't looks like a bug.
2015-12-25 09:16   
Also when combined artifact disassembled it's show "Empty" in status bar for secondary parts.
2016-01-21 07:57 [^]