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0001757VCMIOtherpublic2014-03-21 11:142017-08-24 03:24
0001757: binaries without source in tarball release
While checking vcmi for license compliance I noticed the following:

osx/osx-vcmibuilder/unshield and osx/osx-vcmibuilder/innoextract are binary files. What is their license? If they are the unshield and innoextract programs that I know, then they are MIT and BSD license, respectively. Both licenses require a copyright notice when redistributing the binaries. I can't find them. If you decide to just add the copyright notice but leave the binaries, then I have to repack your tarball for Debian because Debian does not allow binaries without source code. For Debian it would thus be even better if you would not distribute those binaries in your tarball releases in the first place.

What is the file osx/dmg_DS_Store? Where is the source code that it is generated from? Again, Debian does not allow binary files without their preferred form of modification in upstream tarballs. It would be best if that binary file could be removed and regenerated at build time.

I have little idea what the other files in the osx directory are but they seem to be in their preffered form of modification (ascii text, xml files, png images and photoshop files). Can you assure me that all those files are subject to the same license conditions as vcmi itself?

What is ./config/NEUTRAL.PAL? Does there exist a source from which it is generated?

Do there exist source images for ./launcher/VCMI_launcher.ico and ./client/vcmi.ico? If yes, could you delete these *.ico files from the tarball and instead regenerate them from source at build time?

All of the above are just suggestions. If you dont want to follow them then it just means that I have to put more work into repacking your tarball at each release so that it is free enough for Debian.
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2014-03-21 11:41   
(edited on: 2014-03-21 12:17)
For osx files - contact stopiccot via forum (don't know if he is checking our bugtracker). Worst case is that after git transition we'll keep these files in separate branch.

NEUTRAL.PAL - this is palette file used for coloring interface to neutral player. And I don't know if such situation can happen to begin with. I think we can remove this file.
As for its origin - file is extremely small so it is possible that it was created manually via hex editor.
This description seems to match its format but I don't know of any tools that can be used to edit it: [^]

No, we do recolor to neutral player in some cases. If you wish - I can replace binary with autogeneration or some text/json format.

ico files - correct me if I'm wrong but ico files are just a bitmaps so it is not much different from formats like png. And even if not - those files should match icons we use on other systems (check client/icons directory). Ask Tow or Warmonger for details - those are Win-only files.

2014-03-21 12:27   
Okay, I'll contact stopiccot, thanks! :)

I didnt know there was a git transition, thanks for mentioning that too :)

If the preferred form of modification for NEUTRAL.PAL is indeed a hex editor, then that's just it. There is no need to overcomplicate this. The term "preferred form of modification" is subject to human judgement so just leave NEUTRAL.PAL as it is.

Ico files: if there are no sources from which they are generated, then there is no reason to act as well. Just in case they were autogenerated or could be autogenerated from other files it would make sense to do so instead of shipping the result of the autogeneration.

You can thus either close this now or wait until I report back the osx files situation after talking with stopiccot.

Thanks a lot for your support once again :)
2014-03-24 07:10   
Hi, stopiccot didnt respond yet so I had a quick look at the innoextract and unshield binaries inside the osx directory. The unshield binary contains the string "Unshield version 0.7. Copyright (C) 2003-2004 David Eriksson." and the innoextract binary contains the string "(C) 2011-2012 Daniel Scharrer <[email protected]>". These are probably strong indicators that the MIT licensed unshield by David Eriksson as well as the BSD licensed innoextract by Daniel Scharrer was used. Both licenses, MIT and BSD, require you to replicate the respective copyright notice and license text in all binary redistributions. So to not violate the MIT and BSD license and if you want to continue distributing both binaries, please replicate their respective copyright notices somewhere.
2017-08-24 03:23   
(edited on: 2017-08-24 03:24)
Little update on this: I purged vcmibuilder from repository.
So unshield and other binaries are gone now.

Also CMake now generate DS_Store dynamically on Mac, but static one id exist.