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0001733VCMILauncherpublic2014-02-27 11:352014-08-01 12:08
0001733: Launcher changing resolution option doesn't work.
As in the summary, changing this option does nothing, you have to change the resolution in game. The option to change fullscreen\windowed mode also doesn't work.
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related to 0001688closed SXX On Windows vcmi must store user-specific data under C:\Users directory 
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2014-02-27 12:01   
Why I'm so lucky to get non-reproducible issues? :(

Works for me yet again. Can you check content of config/settings.json - does launcher updates it correctly?
2014-02-27 12:54   
Yes, the settings.json file is updated correctly every time I change the resolution in launcher but, heh, it still not affects the game.
2014-02-27 13:49   
Another epic discovery ;)
You probably know about Warmonger's mod 'AI trace' - it's a single file - settings.json and in this file has also been saved informations about resolution. So VCMI was reading resolution from the mod instead of original config/settings.json file.
2014-02-27 13:56   
Ah. And Launcher always reads from file in config directory.

Proper fix would need fixing 0001688 first though. Not sure what I can do at the moment...
2014-03-08 16:06   
fixed, rev 3802