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0001696VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2014-02-09 10:192015-12-04 21:58
0001696: AI heroes with set "patrol" property should not leave specified radius
As in summary, In H3M heroes have "patrol radius" property, if set - AI heroes with it should not wander more than X tiles from their original position.

Note that AI should not even "use" objects from outside of this radius (e.g. pick resources placed just next to hero if patrol radius is 0)
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related to 0001713resolved Warmonger very long turn AI - SectorMap memory leak 
? SXX_PATROL_TESTING_v1.h3m (41,987) 2015-10-17 00:09
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2014-02-09 10:39   
I believe this should be implemented at pathfinder level.
2015-10-17 00:10   
I'll certainly work on this so here is my test map.
2015-11-28 16:08   
So here is some rules for heroes on patrol:

- Patrol not affect human players.
- Dimension door isn't used to collect items even if it's within radius.
- They may use boats.
- Teleports can be used if exit within radius.
- Anything that result into ground<->underground transition is not used: both teleports and subterranean gates.
- Whirlpools not used.
2015-11-28 18:59   
Work in progress in that branch: [^]
2015-11-29 11:44   
More notes about patrol testing in H3:
- Patrol limit affect "gosolo" command too.
- Hero on patrol may flee and AI may buy it again. If that happen such hero will never left town if town outside of allowed patrol zone.
- AI may buy heroes when tavern in empty and map don't have any heroes allowed. Make patrol testing much harder.
2015-12-04 21:58   
My branch is finishes and I'm almost done everything I needed to merge it.