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0001685VCMIModspublic2014-02-02 08:482014-06-02 09:54
0001685: If we use mod to change config/settings.json, all option changes are saved to that file
By default, custom user changes should go to his own confing/settings.json file and not the mod file.
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related to 0001688closed SXX On Windows vcmi must store user-specific data under C:\Users directory 
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2014-02-02 08:52WarmongerSummaryIf we use mod to change config/settings.json, all option changes are svaed to that file => If we use mod to change config/settings.json, all option changes are saved to that file
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2014-02-02 08:55   
I think I got an idea on how to fix these. As result both settings.json and modSettings.json from mods will be ignored.
2014-02-02 21:02   
Well, not all should be ignored - check Launcher my latest minimod that turns on AI logging.
2014-02-08 12:38   
In this case - this issue will have to wait until Tow will implement storing settings somewhere under C:\Users\... on Win.

Because if I'll change priority of "<data>/config" directory to highest this will disallow overriding of files in this directory by mods and will break at least WoG and high-res menu.

Alternatively you can create mod that replaces <data>/config/schemas/settings.json so "AI logging enabled" will be considered as default settings.
2014-03-08 13:44   
(edited on: 2014-03-08 13:46)
Good news: VCMI always saves changes to global file instead of file from mod.

Bad news: All non-default settings will go to this file. So if player uninstalls AI trace mod AI logging will remain because this change is already part of settings.json. And I don't see any easy way to fix this.

I'll commit these changes soon. If you wish - you can create mod that changes schema instead.

BTW - these changes will also fix those problems with mods replacing modSettings.json file.

2014-03-08 16:07   
fixed, rev 3802

Should work as described in my last comment - can't do anything else here.
2014-06-02 09:54   
This one may be closed.