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0001649VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2014-01-08 01:492023-01-28 07:37
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OS X10.9.1 
0001649: Area around hero and other graphics such as town structures tinted blue on OS X
On OS X 10.9.1, running the game in full screen mode or switching to full screen mode and back to windowed causes many of the graphics to have a blue tint applied to them. See attached screenshots.
Open the game and begin a scenario. Go to System Settings and change the game to full screen mode. Some graphical elements will now be tinted blue, and changing back to windowed mode will not solve the problem.
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related to 0003025resolved Povelitel blue filter on screen / blue screen 
png Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.36.54 PM.png (1,012,465) 2014-01-08 01:49

png Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.37.12 PM.png (1,302,656) 2014-01-08 01:49
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Try the latest build from here [^]
2023-01-28 07:37   
Should be fixed long time ago.
Anyway try the official release [^]
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