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0001648VCMIOtherpublic2014-01-08 01:222017-08-23 23:34
OS X10.6 
0001648: VCMI silently fails to start on OS X 10.6
VCMI silently fails to start on OS X 10.6 when installed from the official binary. If the vcmiclient binary inside the app bundle is executed directly, it simply outputs:

Illegal Instruction

This is a sign that the client was compiled with the SDK from a higher version of OS X, but that the minimum required OS version is not set to give a useful error message.
On OS X 10.6, install the VCMI binary from: [^]

Attempt to run the client.
If VCMI is not using features only available in newer OS X SDKs, it can be compiled for an older version by adding this flag to gcc:

-mmacosx-version-min=10.6 (or some lower version)

Whether VCMI can be built targeting a lower version or not, the following property should be added to the Info.plist for the app bundle (as well as the app bundle for the vcmibuilder) to provide a userful error for users on lower versions of OS X:


It should be set to the minimum version the client can run on, such as '10.8.0'.

See the Apple documentation for more information: [^]
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VCMI now provide working DMG for macOS again.