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0001630VCMISound, music, videospublic2013-12-23 22:062018-01-27 16:13
0001630: some sound effects are missing
Many minor sounds on adventure map don't work. For example: visiting hut, employing neutral monsters to your army etc.
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related to 0000814resolved SXX Except for resources, all removable map objects are missing the pickup sound 
related to 0002368resolved SXX Missing feature - environment sounds 
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2015-02-16 12:58   
There is huge number of incorrect or missing sounds.

Missing that I currently find are (object == sound needed):
Cover of Darkness == like cartographer
Subterranean Gate == like keymaster
Altar of Sacrifice, Black Market, Abandoned Mine, Den's of Thieves == like skeleton
University == one like star axis
Dwellings (include refuge camp) == dwelling sound
Garrison (include anti-magic) == one like dwellings (DO NOT PLAYED after battle won)
Hill Fort == one from dwellings
Seer's hut = need to use like guard use currently
Whirlpool == like sirens
Trading post, tavern, war machine factory == ???
Monolith two way == ???

Wrong sounds:
Quest Guard == currently using seer's hut sound while have to use sound like original guard (keymaster)

Quest Guard pick sound == (probably like in pandora box)
Pandora Box == using seer's hut while have to use one like abandoned mine 
Magic Spring == currently using water wheel sound, but need to use magic well  
Crypt = currently like any bank, but have to use one from warrior's tomb
Dragon Utopia = have to use own unique sound, currently using one for bank
Shipwreck Survivor == artifact found sound
2015-02-16 13:42   
Also I'm clearly going to fix all these problems, but it's only happen after new additions for JSON format: [^]
2017-09-13 07:36   
Implemented in PR195: [^]