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0001587VCMIAI - Battlespublic2013-11-15 18:282022-02-10 08:18
normalcrashhave not tried
0001587: freeze during the battle
I am not sure I can reproduce the bug, so I will just explain the situation. A stack of gnolls was blessed and when received an extra turn was suddenly all killed. The system did not pass the turn to the next available unit , and all buttons were grayed out, the game froze. I guess the AI got confused it needed to move the gnolls because of the extra turn but there was no gnolls to move...
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2013-11-15 20:09   
What do you mean by "blessed"? Do you mean "got morale"?
2013-11-18 18:32   
A spell "bless" was cast on them earlier. But yes, they have received an extra turn due to high morale
2022-02-10 08:18   
I'm sure this bug was fixed a long time ago, but I checked anyway. Caught a moral, cast a blessing and died near the castle walls. Repeatedly. Everything was fine.