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0001575VCMIGUI - PreGamepublic2013-10-29 11:072023-04-12 16:59
0001575: In hotseat it is possible to select single-player maps
When in hotseat mode VCMI should filter out maps that have less human players than selected in hotseat.
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2013-11-10 10:32   
The reported problem doesn't result in a crash. You can select maps with less defined human players than hotseat players, but this is the same behaviour like in OH3. So I think it's more a feature to filter such "single player" maps.
2013-11-10 14:56   
In H3 maps that have exactly one human player will be filtered out.
Going a bit further and filtering out all maps that don't have enough human players may be a good idea for VCMI.