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0001486VCMIAI - Battlespublic2013-10-07 14:422022-03-16 20:05
normalcrashunable to reproduce
VCMI windowsWindows 7 64SP1
0001486: Catapult errors. Crash. In battle (siege). Hotseat.
Was playing a hotseat game with myself. 2 players. Necropolis and Tower. Map was 'Arrogance'. I was attacking blue player's starting town (Tower). Both players used auto-combat in the siege.

I was getting a lot of these server errors: 'catapult tried attacking already destroyed wall' or something like that, however, no walls were destroyed to start with the error started (first turn). The catapult would still fire rarely (maybe every 3-6 turn) turn.
Not sure.
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rar VCMI battle hotseat crash.rar (452,883) 2013-10-07 14:42
rar save.rar (285,370) 2013-10-07 14:49
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2013-10-07 14:51   
The crash might have occurred on the last hit (winning). I tried to load and do the same attack, but it then didn't crash. Still, the catapult errors every time.
2016-01-29 20:38   
I had crash in hotseat with both players using auto battle. Crashed at "CBattleInterface::activateStack" that does have comment about that case.
2022-03-16 20:05   
Fixed long time ago