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0001478VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2013-09-17 15:562014-02-16 07:51
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WindowsWindows 88.1
0001478: AI doesn't buy troops in town, that are avalable to hire. Even if player army is standing near town.
AI doesn't buy troops in town, that are avalable to hire. Even if player army is standing near town.
I sieged new town, and after victory saw, that there is a lot of creatures available.
I tested this on new towns (didn't tested it with standard towns).

Play map against AI, giving it new town.
Send hero with units to wait near AI town for some turns.

PS Warmonger on forum said, that AI buys units at end of any turn for all available resources.
I have attached 2 saves.
savegameai - save where my hero have landed from ship near town (he has movement points to attack city).
savegameai3turnslater - save 3 turns later. AI did not bought anything (in city there some buildings bought but no units)
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duplicate of 0001708acknowledged Warmonger Kills the guard of the city, but do not buy there beings. He could buy the army and quietly kill me, but he did not. 
related to 0000926assigned Warmonger AI don't know, that it will be dead without town 
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It makes a big difference if "AI does not hire troops at all and never" or just "AI doesn't hire troops when enemy hero is near the town". For the latter, AI was never designed to play against human opponnent and can only play solo.

2013-09-17 21:54   
You said that AI must buy troops each day. So this is not working - for 3 days AI bought no units. I hope this will be fixed for 0.94. Without this game is barely playable.
2013-09-18 08:24   
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Actually, AI buys troops at the end of the day if it can afford them.

Can't test savegame because it contains something like "AVLESSER VAMPIRE". Please do not provide saves with custom mods, at the very most use only ones from our server.

2014-02-16 07:51   
Closed as not reproductible duplicate of 0001708.