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0001408VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2013-08-12 19:432024-01-30 19:18
0001408: Combat screen - missing hotkeys
The following hotkeys are still missing from Combat window:

T - View troop : opens the creature card of the selected creature (same as L-click on it)
Suggestion: It would be practical if T not only opens, but also closes the window (i.e.: toggle function) - in H3 we had to press Enter or Esc to close it.

F5 - Toggles creature pop-up types (when hovering over either friendly or enemy troop):
- creature info pop-up (see screenshot): icon w/stack size, basic stats (Att,Def,Dmg,H), Morale/Luck + active spells
- active spells only
- no pop-up

F6 - Toggles hex grid display

F7 - Toggles mouse shadow display

F8 - Toggles movement shadow display

S - Start combat during Tactics phase (same as Enter, which is implemented)

A - Automatic Combat on/off > actually hotkey seems implemented (button is animated), however functionality is still missing, so to be double checked when functionality is there as well
Missing hotkeys also listed on the forum here: [^]
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2015-12-21 14:15   
S used in VCMI for surrender and A for auto-combat is working.
Other hotkeys not implemented.
2023-04-12 17:06   
Migrated to github, status will be tracked here: [^]
2024-01-30 19:18   
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