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0001392VCMIMechanics - Objectspublic2013-08-01 18:182016-01-17 12:36
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0001392: It's not possible to sell spell scrolls in Artifact Merchant
It should be impossible to sacrifice them on Altar, but selling scrolls should work in towns.

From Strategija:
Selling scrolls can be extremely profitable: e.g. with 3 Marketplaces they go for 750 gold regardless of level. On randoms, where it is often easy to accumulate plenty of them, they alone can easily pay off Artifact Merchant investment.
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2014-12-24 18:06   
So I fixed this one in my private branch: [^]
Once I finish other small artifact-related fixes I'll will sent pull request.

What I have question about is spell scrolls on Altar of Sacrifice in both VCMI and H3 give zero expirience anyway. Is there real need to block player's ability to put them here for whatever reason?
2015-01-08 07:18   
Should mark it as fixed long time ago: [^]

@Warmonger still if you think there is need to block player's ability to sell something that give zero gold or exp in return let me know.
2015-01-08 07:29   
I think that ability to sell / sacrifice spell scrolls in the field could make some random maps unbalanced. Artifact Merchant in town costs a lot to make up for it.

What I would like to do is prevent players from selling quest items. These may be related - if you don't want some artifact to be sold by accident, set its value to 0. But there are more possibilities (prevent selling 'special' artifact, for example).
Either way, this feature won't be useful until map editor is ready. For now please leave the backdoor to prevent some artifacts from trading.