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0001333: Spells: fire Shield should be rechecked
Inflicts only 1 point of damage from the angel to the gnomes. 2 damage for Pixies. Something is strange here.
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related to 0001581closed AVS Efreet Fire shild 
related to 0002508closed Ivan fire shields in efreet works even if you're using burning 
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2016-02-25 23:26   
So spell have several bugs currently:
1 - First of all damage Fire Shield used as base must be limited to stack total health. So if damage attacker do is much higher than actual health then Fire Shield not do enormous amount of damage. E.g when 5000 archangels kill one efreet.
2 - Second problem is that effect must deal no damage to attacker when it's cloned creature clone being attacked. Usually all spells work for clones, but this is exception since clone actually have zero health.
3 - Due to how it's currently implemented Fire Shield become part of "BattleAttack". So we don't know how much damage fire shield do alone, don't get dedicated message and I suppose another problem might that damage made isn't count towards defender, but attacker as he end up killing his own creatures.
2016-03-14 12:57   
So I fixed two first problems: [^]

Though I didn't fix last one and generally damage calculation don't represent one from H3. So this spell still need more work.
2022-12-18 20:14   
Seems to be working as intended as of right now