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0001317VCMIMechanics - Battlespublic2013-06-10 16:222022-04-12 08:42
0001317: Animate Dead spell does not function as it should
Take Septienna in the map attached to 0001316, pick-up the spell book next to her, and move East to attack. In battle move Wight ahead when you get the chance so that it dies faster.

1. Once the Wight dies, you'll notice you cannot use Animate Dead on it. We get the message saying "That spell will affect no one!". Same when the Wraith or Soul Eater die.

2. You'll also notice that once the Soul Eater takes a bit of damage, when her turn comes, it looks like she would be able to cast Animate Dead on herself (Cast animation when hovering over + battle log saying so). However if we click to cast, nothing happens. In reality it should only work on stacks where at least 1 creature died already (and if Commander is powerful enough to cast it).
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related to 0001316acknowledged  Soul Eater (Necro commander) does not function as it should 
related to 0001875closed AVS Animate dead should have permanent effect 
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