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0001316VCMIModspublic2013-06-10 15:372023-04-12 16:59
0001316: Soul Eater (Necro commander) does not function as it should
1. It doesn't seem to have the Undead attribute*:
- we can cast spells like Bless on it
- it has Morale
- Undead nature also missing from creature card

*strangely though, its Animate Dead spell seems to become available for itself, once it loses some HP... but that could be because the spells is regarded as some sort of Cure

2. Once itself or one of the undeads in the army (perhaps also non-undeads > didn't test yet) has damage, the Soul Eater gets the Cast animation when hovering above that creature. However if we click to cast, nothing happens. This could be related to the Commander, or to faulty implementation of Animate Dead (allowed as soon as there is loss of HP - like Cure - but does nothing as no creature died in stack yet). Let me know if I should open a separate report for it.
Take Septienna in the map attached, pick-up the spell book next to her, and attack.
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2013-06-10 15:42   
Please report Animate Dead issue as separate, it may be very different from this issue.
2013-06-10 16:24   
0001317 created for ยง2 then. Though it could be a combination of bugs with the spell and with the commander. We'll see how they behave once at least 1 of these two bugs is fixed.
2014-11-14 01:48   
Undead attribute issue confirmed