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0001315VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2013-06-10 14:332023-04-11 11:52
0001315: Suggestion to make information windows non-modal
I suggest if appliable to make information windows appearing while map roaming that contain single OK button to be self disappearing, appearing just for several seconds and not preventing farther map investigation.
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2013-06-10 14:39   
This may interest you:
If you launch the game with -autoSkip option enabled, all pop-up windows will automaticaly close. It also automatically finishes each player turn, however - for AI testing purpose.
2013-06-10 16:12   
Thank you. But w/ this it is impossible to play: it keeps skipping my turn all the time.

What i suggest is not a testing mode, but for more comfortable playing by reducing needless attention, manual opperations. Windows could disappear slowly like dimming and thus infroming player w/o interupption.
2013-06-10 19:20   
Perhaps use bottom-right corner window to display this kind of things? H3 does not have non-modal dialogs in UI.
2013-06-11 07:30   
(edited on: 2013-06-11 07:33)
Yes! That's even better what i have suggested! Great, thank you, Ivan!
Thus the info can be put to the corner and the windows gone away.

2023-04-11 11:52   
Implemented as an option in 1.2