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0001310VCMIOtherpublic2013-06-09 11:202022-04-12 08:58
0001310: Linux XDG support for savegames
This is just a feature request regarding the placement of the .vcmi folder. The XDG specification on Linux ( [^]) would suggest using the variable XDG_DATA_HOME+vcmi/ and if that isn't available, using instead ".local/share/vcmi/".

I've found this sample implementation: [^]

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related to 0001688closed SXX On Windows vcmi must store user-specific data under C:\Users directory 
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I know about this issue. Probably will be implemented for 0.94.
2014-02-08 12:52   
This one will have to wait till 0001688 is fixed, othervice chance to run into issues is just too big.

According to specs these are directories that we will use:
$XDG_DATA_HOME, default: $HOME/.local/share
User data, e.g. mods, save games, place for H3 files when installed via vcmibuilder

$XDG_CONFIG_HOME, default: $HOME/.config
Location of user config files (mod settings + game settings)

$XDG_CACHE_HOME, default: $HOME/.cache
Cached & temporary files, mostly for launcher, maybe also for logs(?)

List of global data directories, will be used insead/along with DATA_DIR
2014-03-04 14:58   
Implemented, rev 3798.