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0001305VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2013-06-08 05:232016-09-05 03:38
0001305: Wrong hero name + missing artifact name + possible crashes if trying to cast with Orb of Inhibition equipped
As per first screenshot, the message we get when we try to open spellbook, if the Orb of Inhibition is equipped, has wrong hero name and the artifact name is missing. It's actually the name of the hero we attack, not of our own as it should. This is always reproducible.

At times the game also crashes when we try to cast (before the messages even appears). See second screenshot + archive with logs & crashdump.

Perhaps just a coincidence, but it seems more likely that it crashes if we try it on a new game, while if we load a saved game it just gives us the wrong message.

Take Sir Mullich in the VCMI_Tests map, scroll his backpack a bit to the left to find the Orb, equip, attack and press C or click on spellbook.

I went back to check first occurrence, and it's new since 0.92b.
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jpg 2013-06-08_SirMullichOrbOfInhibition.jpg (105,875) 2013-06-08 05:23

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7z 2013-06-08_CrashCOrbOfInhibition.7z (155,488) 2013-06-08 05:24
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