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0000013VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2009-10-02 08:332010-03-02 20:36
0000013: l-click on hero in town doesn`t open hero screen
but if you click the hero on the right panel or press enter it works, the icon is correct though
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related to 0000417closed Tow Behaviors when L-clicking on a hero, while another hero or town is currently selected 
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2009-10-02 11:18   
For me it seems to have the same functionality as H3:
- 1st l-click selects the hero
- 2nd l-click opens the hero screen

2009-10-06 13:21   
if the hero is visiting town then second click does nothing
2009-10-06 15:05   
I'm unable to reproduce it.
I tried both with heroes starting in town and with heroes that just entered the town and it worked.

What map are you using? Are there any special steps leading to the problem?
2009-10-06 19:18   
Either works for me on any map. No special steps, I just start any map and try to select the hero in town, or move a hero to town and try to access it then. Maybe it got fixed in some build since official 0.74 release?
2009-10-06 22:09   
I have the official 0.74 release and still cannot reproduce it. Both in town or on the adventure map (though from your description, I guess you refer to the hero icon on the adventure map, right?).

Can you perhaps attach a saved game?
2009-10-07 07:08   
2009-10-07 20:38   
Still not reproducible :(
Can you tell if:
* do first l-click on hero slot highlights it (yellow border)
* if slot is highlighted, does the tooltip on mouse hover says "View [Hero name]"?

What is happening after the second click? Does highlight disappear?
2009-10-07 20:56   
1)Move hero in a town
2)Open adventure map
3)Click on the hero (not hero icon on interface but actual hero on adventure map)
Hero screen hasn't opened

>>the icon is correct though
should be "the cursor is correct though"
2009-10-07 21:01   
@Ivan - right, my bad - the cursor is ok

@Tow - first l-click highlights hero, mouseover tip on the bar at the bottom says "[Hero name]" when pointed at hero
2009-10-08 23:52   
Thanks Ivan for clarifying how it can be reproduced. I moved it to "confirmed".

The exact description should read: "L-click on the AdvMap hero, while he is at Town Gate does not open hero screen"
2010-02-10 21:32   
Fixed in r1473
2010-03-02 20:36   
Checked and verified as closed in 0.8.

A side issue created after the fix, which leads to town screen opening if we L-click on a hero at gate while the town is selected, has been reported separately as part of 0000417.