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0001286VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2013-05-31 08:472022-12-23 20:16
0001286: Hotkey F for Faerie Dragon's area spells
When Faerie Dragon gets an area spell, we should be able to use the F hotkey to select the area of impact. Most useful to select the center of a Fireball in an empty hex surrounded by enemies, or a Frost Ring around one of hero's creatures.

A message should show in the battle log when the dragon gets its turn and has an area spell, saying: "The Faerie Dragon readies Fireball (press F to cast)" / and same for the other area spells it may get.
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"The Faerie Dragon readies Fireball (press F to cast)"" message is WOG feature, we need to decide how to handle this.

'F' hotkey is implemented in [^]