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0001285VCMIGUI - Battlespublic2013-05-30 18:012024-01-30 19:18
0001285: Missing Info windows related to Tactics phase
This is really low priority, as they are redundant windows for experienced players to whom VCMI is normally targeted. Nevertheless, it could be a potential starter for new coders wanting to work on a no-harm feature; or it would be interesting if it's implemented taking into consideration one of the enhancements suggested.

So, the missing info windows are, in the order of screenshots:

1. The window that appears when entering battle, IF at least one hero has Tactics and - in case the 2nd hero has it as well - IF they have a different level of the skill (I think the hero with lower Tactics doesn't get the window - only a locked battle interface with Tactics buttons visible but in disabled mode - until the opponent starts battle - but someone can correct me if otherwise, or I'll confirm myself once I run into the situation).

2. The info window if we right-click on the Next Creature button.

3. The info window if we r-click on the Start Combat button.


SUGGESTION: The first window is actually redundant for anybody who has played Heroes for a while. So for us it's just 1 extra click to get rid of it, so I don't necessarily want it as it was in OH3. Instead - if it is to be implemented at all - I would prefer one of the following solutions:

a) Give it an attribute like "Hints", and then have an option in the (future) "VCMI Options" menu to disable/enable in-game hints, which could be used to disable a whole bunch if in-game redundant windows, which are of use for beginners only.

b) Show it only a limited number of times, after the player gets the skill. Either just 5-10 times per game, or only once a day, or whatever seems practical for you.

c) As a more advanced solution, it could be implemented as some sort of fading window, which doesn't require a click to disappear, but fades by itself as soon as the player starts moving the creatures.

d) Or - why not - have it replace the 2nd info window, so if a new player wants to see what that is all about, r-clicking on "Next Creature" would return the text in the 1st screenshot below (without the check button), instead of just "Phase Wait".
This should also be coordinated maybe with 0001284, as it seems VCMI added an enhancement: we can click directly on a creature to select it in Tactics phase.

An option for that would be to replace the "Phase Wait" info, with an info window which has "Skip Creature" on the first row in yellow, but then also "Or click directly on desired creature" on next two rows in white fonts (similar layout/colors as the info window we get if we R-click Start Combat).
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