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0001126VCMIAI - Adventure Mappublic2012-10-01 08:162018-07-27 08:00
0001126: Hero stuck at subterranen gate when it's exit is guarded
Hero killed guard of Subterranean gate on the surface, and entered it, but on the other side there is another guard too strong to attack. The hero got stuck and doens't return or perform any action.
The issue is severe, as on many maps (especially random) gates have strong double guards and there is no other way through.
Load attached save (0.90). Follow the road to find red hero orris stuck at Subterranean gate underground.
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related to 0000904resolved Warmonger AI got stuck behind visitable object 
related to 0001131closed Warmonger When AI visits cartographer, it finds further exploration impossible 
related to 0002980new  AI can't collect army to defeat guard on the other side of Subterranean Gate 
rar Stuck at Subterranean Gate.rar (753,497) 2012-10-01 08:16
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2012-10-04 10:20   
Behavior can be different after r2973. Now AI will try to visit both gates in pair immediately, which is simplification, but should prevent hero getting stuck on the other side.
2013-12-23 20:48   
Fixed in #3673.