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0001117VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2012-09-30 16:512022-12-17 14:07
AMD 5600+WindowsXP SP3
0001117: In various message windows when we get new artifact or similar, the item icon & name are not well centered anymore
Since 0.89d, in various message windows when we get new artifact or similar, the item icon & name are not horizontally centered anymore. See below screenshot when getting artifact from Pandora's Box or buying Spell Book, and see as well Captured Artifact windows from 0.89b&c attached to 0001094 (I suggest we leave that report for fine tuning of the exact position and text width, and handle through this report at least the horizontal centering, which seem to be caused by some recent changes, and doesn't look good).

EDIT: I'm not posting new screenshots, but the issue seems to be general. For example also when we pick artifacts from the map which have their own custom message, their icon & name below are notably placed left of the center position.
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related to 0001094assigned  Capture artifact window: size and position of icon & text 
jpg 2012-09-30_FoundTreasure0.89d.jpg (28,877) 2012-09-30 16:51

jpg 2012-09-30_BuySpellbookNotCentered089d.jpg (40,639) 2012-09-30 16:52
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