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0001099VCMIGUI - Otherpublic2012-09-29 02:212015-02-28 02:43
0001099: Select Resolution window - further graphic enhancements
1. It would be very useful if the current resolution would be already selected when we open the window.

2. Screen title should be "Select Resolution" (both capitalized).

3. I'm not sure if there are plans for the empty space between the screen title and the list, but I guess it can be used to increase the list to 10 lines and/or to enlarge a bit the list title area, so that we can add "(restart required)".

4. If we don't put it in the list tile, maybe we can put "Restart required" as subtitle - see screenshot suggestion (wrong font, but just to give an idea). The subtitle should appear only when another resolution than current one is selected. Of course, when/if 0001097 is implemented, we can replace it with "Reload required" or something similar.

5. The selection rectangle seems to be 1 pixel too low and too much to the right. But if it was done as such intentionally (might look better than otherwise), then you can disregard this point.
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3. Changing size of the list is a bit complex - dialog uses same graphics as town portal.

4. Placing this into status bar is a bit confusing. Should go in title IMO.
2012-09-29 09:26   
@3: Ah yes. I think you already mentioned that once and I forgot. Sorry.

@4: Well, that's optional anyway, as I'd rather see 0001097 implemented. When that happens there won't be such a need to point to the player why the change of setting doesn't actually take place as expected.