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0001063VCMIMechanics - Otherpublic2012-08-31 21:582014-05-30 17:43
0001063: Visiting the Crypt at end of the movement leads to issues: second visit, crash
So far, this is the only way I can reproduce this:
- take Ivor in the attached map and go south-east on the road just before FoW, then the underground gate
- attack halflings, but let them flee (otherwise the bug doesn't occur - so bug could be battle/experience related also)
- attack nearest Crypt on the upper row (should be reachable with last move)
- win the battle, take the skill, but then, instead of reward, you're asked if you want to attack again
- go for the battle: before battle starts, you finally get the gold/artifact reward from defeating the Crypt, then battle screen really opens, but with no enemies
- you need to make a move which will "win" you the battle, and then we get the crash

This only happens if you reach the Crypt at the end of the movement that day. If you end turn before reaching that Crypt, the bug will not happen. So I remain puzzled whether it's related to end of movement or battles (either Ivor with Halflings, or battles of other heroes at the passing of the turn).
To make checks/reproducing easier, I attached archive containing:
- save game just after Ivor entered underground
- logs & crashdump
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duplicate of 0001053closed Tow Battle continues after AI clears Bank 
? VCMI_Tests_2012.h3m (19,348) 2012-08-31 21:58
jpg 2012-03-10_CryptDoubleAttackEnd.jpg (292,883) 2012-08-31 21:59

7z 2012-03-10_CryptDoubleAttack.7z (157,162) 2012-08-31 22:05
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Tow dragon   
2013-01-31 18:59   
Interesting bug. Still reproducible with 0.9c, seems to be related to advmap object handling. The second crypt in row in reachable too but does not cause the bug.
2013-04-20 11:38   
Fixed in r3336.