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0001036VCMIAI - Battlespublic2012-07-15 16:512022-03-30 15:45
0001036: Strange Genie behavior Under attack Altar of Wishes guards
Under attack Altar of Wishes guards if attack Genie using shooting units (Master Gremlin and commander on screenshot) and switch other units to defense mode (Stone Gargoyle and Stone Golem on screeshot). Genie freezing on fly animation on his trun (see screenshot). On this state if shoot in Genie, Genie return to normal state (standing).
Load save and attack Altar of Wishes using Thane hero. Probably work for other small tower armies.
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jpg screenshot.jpg (124,162) 2012-07-15 16:51

7z bug 4.7z (113,310) 2012-07-15 16:51
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2018-03-26 20:52   
Saves are very old. Impossible to load. This is a necro posting, but perhaps you are still using mail and will see this message. Do you have a map with which you can reproduce it? Perhaps it's an obstacle to the genies. I tried to reproduce this bug, but I could not find the appropriate soil.
2022-03-30 15:45   
I'll try when I have more time to find the right soil