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0001020VCMIMechanics - Adventure Mappublic2012-06-26 16:422022-02-10 09:23
Windows 7 64-bit
0001020: message crash
After capturing sulfur mine in "All for one" scenario, whhen i tried to use shrine, game crash(but i still can close game closing console window, when i press button in game window it does not react). Also after loading game from save after capturing mine.
After some tries to repeat problem i noticed that problem exists only if i go to shrine in 1 move just after taking a mine, if i move somewhere before, problem does not exist.

EDIT: problem is not with shrine, but with map script. When I go to place next to shrine(which sends a message if not crash, its 20x30 tile) game crashes. And not only sulfur mine cause it, when i go to this place directly after leaving outside marketplace there is the same situation. On the other hand keymaster tent dont cause it.
go to 20x30 tile directly after visiting other object.
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2012-06-26 18:40   
Can confirm.
Start map, go to southeast through garrison
capture mine and go to spell shrine

This results in some kind of deadlock:
Client::run thread stuck here:


2 CPlayerInterface::waitWhileDialog(this=0x7fffdff90260, unlockPim=true)
    at client/CPlayerInterface.cpp:1441
3 CPlayerInterface::heroMoved (this=0x7fffdff90260, details=...)
    at client/CPlayerInterface.cpp:226
4 CPlayerInterface::heroMoved(TryMoveHero const&)
    at client/CPlayerInterface.cpp:1998
5 TryMoveHero::applyCl (this=0x7fffc8a987b0, cl=0x7fffdf5a3130)
    at client/NetPacksClient.cpp:386

GuiHandler::run is here:

while( != STOP_MOVE && != CONTINUE_MOVE)

2 CPlayerInterface::moveHero (this=0x7fffdff90260, h=0x7fffdf896830, path=...)
    at client/CPlayerInterface.cpp:1254
3 CAdvMapInt::tileLClicked (this=0x7fffdff90560, mapPos=...)
    at client/CAdvmapInterface.cpp:1178
2018-03-01 16:17   
What color need to start? I could not do it again
2022-02-10 09:23   
A deprecated problem when the hero got to the event. Not repeating now